How to Get a More Flexible Back

Having a flexible back is vital when it comes to sport, especially in gymnastics, figure skating and dance. Mounting up your flexibility can be achieved over a period of time and can be very easy and very difficult depending on the type of body you have. All of the stretches listed below, have many other names and are set up in many disciplines and they can help you to increase your back flexibility.

1. Pike Stretch

Sit on the floor having legs straight in front of you. Begin by reaching arms up. Gradually lean forward and head for your toes. This stretches both the leg muscles, hamstrings and the lower back. For a more progressive version, maintain a completely straight back as you lean over. Progressive or more flexible stretchers can reach past feet.

  • The objective is not to reach your toes but to straighten out and pull out the back. An error in form is to be attentive on the feet instead of the back. This is a back exercise, not a foot-grabbing sport.
  • Use props to get the form proper. Therabands, belts and rolled up towels can all be used to get into an adjusted form. This is not deceitful, it is making use of tools to help you stretch.

2. Carmel Pose

This can be accomplished with or without assisting yourself with your hands.

  • This is an in-between yoga pose and not one that should be done with a painful or stiff back or without direction from a well-informed trainer.
  • If you cannot sink reversely enough to get to the heels, then make use of yoga blocks or other props to assist your back. Again this is a challenging pose. Assistance can help you to achieve this goal.

3. Do advanced cats stretch

Begin with the cat stretch, but bit by bit slide your arms forward on the pad, while bending your back till your shoulders are able to touch the ground.

4. Do a cobra stretch

Lie on your belly with your elbows curved and hands by your sides. Gradually level your arms and slant your head back.

5. Do a swan stretch

Get into the position of the seal stretch and then gradually bring your feet up to make an attempt to touch your head. If you can’t touch your head with your toes, get them close by as you can to your head. This is a very operational stretch to increase back flexibility.

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