Great Health Tips for an Exciting Christmas

Christmas has now been turned into a period of “no-rules”, almost everyone damns the consequences and just do whatever they will. This article will explain to you some of the “Dos” and “Don’ts” that may affect your well-being even in this Christmas

1. Drink Moderately

Look! Because its Christmas does not mean you should empty all the bottles of beer in the bar. The Christmas celebration is only for a period and it will eventually pass away, but the changes that you bring into effect during this period may live with you for the rest of your life. So be reasonable, know when to say “no” and leave.

2. Scratch Out Sugar

Trust me, there will be a lot of sugar at almost every corner. The temptation to just have a sip will be very high. But for the sake of your health, stay-off the excessive sugar. Studies have explained the numerous side effects that processed sugar has on your organs and blood sugar level; So Instead of consuming processed sugar this Christmas, try natural sweeteners like coconut nectar, honey, molasses or stevia instead.

3. Exercise/Work-out

Don’t sit at one place throughout this period, it’s a holiday, this should give you the opportunity to work-out and do all the exercises you could not do because of work, school or other engagements. Invest positively in your health during this season.

4. Eat What You Know

Don’t be carried away with the hype of Christmas. It’s good to try out new things once in a while, but ensure that what you are trying falls within your safe zone of foods to eat. Keep out of your allergies and try to at least have some general background idea of what you are putting in your mouth at every given point

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5. Make it a Holiday, not Holidays

Indeed! it is a holiday! Not holidays. So move beyond it at the end of the day. A lot of us make the mistake of elongating the holiday beyond what it necessarily ought to be. After the holiday, return to your normal day activities, don’t lie in bed whole day – waiting for breakfast in bed, Hit the road and let life continue!

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