Healthy Fats to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Fats have being given a bad reputation over the years. The issue being if you want to lose weight, you should avoid fat, which is true. However, eliminating entirely in some health cases is not ideal as the body needs all requirements to function effectively. Except you have excess storage of fat that you don’t need any more except to shed the ones you already possess. But if you belong to the other category that just want to have a portion of fat in their meals without adding weight, then this article is for you. It is a necessity to have a decent portion of fat in your body, as they also have work to do for the body. Here are some healthy fats to incorporate in to your diet;

Choose the fattier meats and fishes

Go for meat that are pastured or grass fed. Eat meat or chicken with their fat content still intact as they are healthier to consume than going for whole fats. Fish like salmon are a good option as they are fattier and healthier. They also taste better too. Also taking fish supplement helps like the cod liver oil as they are good for vitamin D3, vitamin A and omega3s.

Eat eggs, nuts and avocados

Eggs are among the healthiest forms of food in fat and protein. They are very nutritious for the body. For more benefits choose the pastured eggs or omega 3 enriched eggs.

Nuts are another healthy fat category to put in the mix. Eating these as snacks will up your fat intake in the healthiest form, not too add weight but to serve as a filling component for the body to cause you to eat less. They are rich in vitamin E and magnesium.

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Avocados are another delicious and healthy form of fat that can be consumed on a daily bases. One can eat anything with this. Be it with baked potatoes, as a base for your tacos or shawarma dish and any other food. Check out recipes to use avocado to do.

Put heavy cream in your coffee

Heavy cream has also gotten a bad rep for it components but one can use this to your advantage if taken with caution. It acts as a suppressant to one’s appetite. You could also find creative ways to add cream to your dishes and know which dishes to include butter or heavy cream.


What can’t you use with cheese? Make a lasagna, pizza with loads full of vegetables and protein and you have a healthy dose off fat in it. Cheese has a way of giving food the ultimate taste to any meal. Research and create healthy foods for you and your family!

Eat some dark chocolate

Organic chocolate is the way to go. A healthy dose of anti-oxidant and fats is sure way to incorporate healthy fat in your diet. Healthy dessert recipes can be researched so you can find healthy delicious ways to enjoy your chocolate!

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