5 Moves to Elongate Your Back

Have you ever wondered how you can strengthen and elongate your back? If yes, then you don’t have to worry anymore because the moves I am about to share with you are just what you need.

1. Spine stretch 

To perform this move, sit down on the floor and stretch your feet a bit wider than the width of your hip and extend your head forward (as in a nodding position). Once this position has been attained, bend your upper body forward, let your hands be sliding on the floor as your stretch forward your upper back. Throughout the exercise, ensure that you are breathing as normal and steady as you can. Do this exercise for about 60-80 minutes and rest.

2. Straight-arm lat pull-down

The lat muscle is that muscle of the body which is responsible for moving the upper arm bones up and down. Performing this exercise will largely help to strengthen this muscle. To begin, stand up straight with your feet more than a shoulder width apart and slightly bend your elbows.

Let your lower body remain aligned in the same position and move the weight up and down. Make sure that throughout the course of the exercise, you are only using your lats to lift the weight.

3. Seated low-cable row

Sit on the stretch equipment in an extended position and stretch your lats forward. Note that your back should not be bent more than 90 degrees. Once this position is attained, hold the handle of the equipment and pull it as hard as you can, channeling the energy from your elbows instead of your lower back.

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In order to avoid pulling with your biceps (which is one thing we want to avoid), ensure that your chest remains high throughout the course of the pulling movements.

4. Hamstring stretch

Unlike the others, you don’t need an equipment to perform this particular move. You start by lying flat on the ground stretching out your legs. While they are fully straightened, pull in one of your legs towards your body as you gently attempt to open the back of your thighs.

Note that performing this exercise will help to develop your thighs, which will in turn affect the positioning of your back, especially when you stand for long periods of time.

5. Lower back stretch

Similar to the first move, lie flat on the ground, stretch out your legs and then gently bring both knees to your chest. Hold for a few seconds, return to start position and repeat it for 5-7 times.


Image courtesy of: stretchify.com, dynaprodirect.com, sweatlikeapig.com, teachpe.com, pinterest.com

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