How to Keep Your Hormones Happy

When your hormones are happy, your entire well being is safe. The level in which your hormones rise or lower will determine your health status. The happier they are the better. Life has being built in such a way that the joys of this world go non-existent. From kids schooling, to jobs, to pay back of student loans and any other loans and health issues can take a toll on the body. To strike a balance between all these, one has to know how to keep their hormones normal at all times.

This is practice of getting one to be in control of their emotions and their lives altogether. Why that might not be entirely possible, there is no harm in trying.


Exercise plays a good role in keeping the hormones balanced. It helps releases dopamine and estrogen and serotonin to name a few that will keep you feeling boosted and energetic. It’s no wonder for any stress issues a good run is highly required. Be it an early morning run or an evening one. Starting your day with exercise is a surefire way to get things started smoothly. The more you practice, the more relaxed and efficient you are on running things. Plus it also adds to a good sleep if you’ve being lacking some.

Stay calm

The ability to stay calm in any situation is a work in progress for everyone. However there are some that have mastered the art of being at peace with and in their minds. Meditation helps a great deal in achieving this, as it helps brings peace to a loud mind that is constantly brimming with ideas. Perfecting the art of calmness helps lessen anxiety and depression.

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Other ways could be taking up writing and allowing those pent up thoughts to flow out, reading, listening to music, painting or dancing can help too. Find time to incorporate this into your daily routine.


Laughter helps by releasing endorphins. Due to so much negativity going on in our world today, it is hard to laugh. However, you should strive to add laughter to your daily life. To help with this, watch a funny video, read a funny book or hang out with a funny friend. In order to laugh every day, you need to find a source or something that will keep you lighthearted.

It is very important for your wellbeing. If you really look well enough, life is actually throwing joys and jokes around, you just have to observe them and relax. You will get through this just like everyone else out there.

Eat spicy food

It is said that that endorphins are triggered by spicy foods. Find a way to incorporate everything spicy in your dish. Not too much, but enough to lighten you up and clear up any flu. This will be good for this cold season.

Spend time with friends

Having friends and family is more than enough to get your happy hormones flowing. Make time for them and enjoy yourself. Go for a girls’ hangout, or vice versa with the guys. Watch a movie or simply just have fun.

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