Why You Should Eat More Soup

Soup a very simple and delicious soup to make depending on the flavor and variety you go for. It is one of the healthy dishes you can add to your diet plus it is a good addition during the cold as it helps to cure flu and boost your immune system. Read on to find out more benefits of soup.

It warms you up

For the cold weather, this is your go to meal. According to nutritionists, a bowl of hot soup can increase your body temperature from the inside out.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Since soup consists mostly of water, it helps satisfies one’s appetite in a healthy way as one tends to eat less after they consume soup.

Soup improves vegetable tolerance for youngsters

A study out of the Netherlands found that toddlers who were given vegetable and herb-packed soups for seven weeks showed an improved tolerance for vegetables of all kinds when compared with other toddlers who didn’t eat soup.

It reduces aches and pains

Soup, preferably chicken or sea food soup with enough pepper, helps to cure illness like the cold or flu problems. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and clears up phlegm. It also helps to calm the body in terms of stress and anxiety especially when taken hot.

Vitamins and minerals don’t disappear

Most times when you cook, the nutrients from each spice and ingredient goes away, except when it is partly cooked, but even at then, the nutrients are still not 100% intact. But for soup, the case is different as the water is what is consumed. As soon as the nutrients comes out from the different spices or vegetable you put in, it will still be consumed in the liquid form, full of all nutrients and super delicious to boot.

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It’s easy to prepare

Soup is more of a mix and add. Simply throw everything in and spice it up. If your meat or chicken is already boiled or spiced up, add your vegetables and seasoning and you are good to go.

Easily low fat and high fiber

Most soups are either lean meats, vegetables or beans and they are full of protein and fiber. Unless your soup is cream based, all the ingredients are very low fat and full of high fiber., thus a very healthy dish.

Soup is vegetable friendly

It is a vegetable fiesta, whereby you can mix and play with vegetables of your choice to a hearty meal. You can even research vegetable soups to make soups that you will enjoy.

Simple to freeze and reheat

It is easy to prepare, you can save it for later in the fridge and you can always reheat it to eat again. It can become a delicious accompaniment to your rice, eaten all by itself and with bread. It is also the food for every season. The more spice, the tastier. You can go from seafood, to meat, to purely vegetables and all of everything together if you desire.

image courtesy of: my7daydiet.com, tiptoptens.com.

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