How to Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week and Maintain the Lower Weight

Losing 10 pounds in 1 week is not an ideal rate to lose weight as it can be disruptive to your health if you don’t know how to go about it. However there are ways to go about losing 10 pounds in one week and it is serious business.

You would have to be disciplined to follow it through and follow a strict diet to add. With this, you will have to see your doctor to know if you are in the right state of mind to undergo such a transformational process. Your health, weight and medical conditions has to be taken to give you green light to proceed. With the new found information your doctor can design a plan for you to follow through leading to your goal.

There are many ways to do this depending on your doctor’s prescription but the first thing to note is that there will elimination of a lot of things from your diet and substitutes for those. You will have to be conscious of every morsel or drip that you take and here are some of theme to consider;

3 square meals and a portion of snacks

Eating 3 square meals is not for one to feast, you are eating in baby portions throughout the day. Your snacks are healthy nuts or vegetables that you will eat that will enable you to feel full until your next meal time. After you eaten the last meal for the day, discipline yourself to go to bed early and repeat the circle only with a different meal plan.

It is important to include all the necessary nutrient in your meals to using supplements and craving foods that will cause you to eat more. Eat filling meals in small portions and sleep early. You are aiming to eat half of what you will normally eat in a day. Most using healthy juices to supplement.  You have to be strategic in eating and should only eat when you are hungry not because you are supposed to eat or that there is food around the corner.

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Always be hydrated

Drinking more curbs hunger and serves as a weight loss weapon. Drink more than the normal intake and always carry a bottle with you wherever you go.  Sometimes what you really need is water not food as being thirsty can be confused for hunger. Incorporate many fruit and vegetable juice in your diet too. Drinking enough healthy liquids will aid faster metabolism.

Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is one of the prevalent reasons for weight loss. Excess sugar turns to fat, carbohydrates stores up as fat and a combination of all manner of food and drinks accumulate fats in the body. It is one thing you need to eliminate from your diet and focus and healthy snacks that are gluten and sugar free, substitute with honey or not at all. At least for that week and see the effects of no sugar.

Cut Off Junk Food and Fast Food

This is one major factor to cut off as junk food contributes to the issue. This has to go, plan and prepare your meals. Research on healthier simple dishes to make that will need vegetables and fruits and the likes. Nothing fried, oily and fat filled should be included. Eliminate them for a week and see the results.


To lose 10 pounds without exercise is not possible. Cardiovascular, aerobics intense training exercise will help. This is a grit and mud week, don’t focus on losing 10 pounds so much, and simply focus on doing the deed and strengthening your will power. By the time you are ready within a week, and have experienced what it takes to shed a few pounds, you can prepare the following week knowing where to work on and what to avoid.

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