How To Lose 20 lbs. Of Fat In 30 Days Without Doing Any Exercise

Losing fat without doing exercise is a myth to the masses out there. However, it isn’t such an impossible task. Yes it is very difficult, but it is not impossible. By putting in proper concentration you can achieve your desired waistline goals. Spend one month being fully focused on the points I will tell you and you will be fit and slim in no time.

Good and healthy food is obviously very helpful in keeping you fit and running but many of us do not emphasize on this fact a lot. We need to firstly understand how important it is for us to eat right at all times. You can lose 20 lbs in about a month by following these tips in your month with a proper diet plan.

1. Start heavy

You need to start you day at a high. For this your metabolism needs to boost up and running as soon as you wake up. For this, you shall consume foods with excess amounts of fat for breakfast or your first meal when you wake up. Some examples of fatty breakfast foods are fresh veggies, coconut milk, cheese and yogurt.

Even meat cooked in butter is an ideal option to gain fats from first thing in the morning. Fat provides you with slow burning energy to your stomach helping you out with no fatigue and lesser sugar cravings in the day.

2. Eat natural

Eating natural or local doesn’t mean that you need to eat vegetables all the time. It refers to the practice of eating products from your nearest farm or nutritional foods from your village. You should try to get products from animals that graze on grass from a much nutrient-filled soil. Also if you eat fresh and natural the food doesn’t get any time to be contaminated.

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It comes with all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals in one brand new package. You also get to know nature better in this way by interacting with farmers and looking at their methods to develop food.

3. Avoid sugar in drinks

Replacing sugary drinks with water is one way to reduce your daily calorie consumption. It is easy to take in huge amounts of liquid calories because they don’t affect fullness like solid food does. Staying away from all sugary beverages can lead to a very healthy life as beverages like soda are often referred to as the main cause for many diseases.

4. Stay on the move

You need to keep your body physically active during your typical routine. Find ways to do this, take walks to go grocery shopping or walk your dog every night. Moving the body is deemed to be the most common way of loosing calories on a daily basis. It should to preferable to walk if possible when covering smaller distances. Small and simple exercise routines can also be combined with daily walks for faster weight loss.

If you follow the below rules to the letter, than you will most likely lose 20 pounds in just a matter of one month.

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