Super Back Workout to Burn Back Fat

Targeted weight loss, especially for the back, can be extremely difficult. If you don’t lose fat from your back, it is essential to first tone and strengthen the back muscles. To do so, one must have an effective workout plan. This article will tell you about a super back workout to burn fat easily! The workout contains a number of intense exercises which must be done at least 3 times in a week, so see quick results.

1. Jumping Rope

Yes, jumping rope is an excellent exercise for the back muscles. Do 15 minutes of this exercise in the beginning of the workout.

2. Dumbbell Row (12 reps per arm)

This exercise is a must do in this workout. It will help to strengthen the back muscles, as well as the muscles of the arms. To do this exercise, place one of your knees on a bench or a table, and hold a weight in your opposite hand. Make sure that you bend forward before starting the exercise. Gradually, pull the arm holding the weight back in a rowing motion.

3. Pull Ups (10 reps)

A common and an effective exercise is the pull ups. Although pull ups may be super difficult to do, one must remember that this exercise is the only exercise that targets all the muscles of the back at a time! There are various forms of pull ups that can be done. These include the negative pull ups in which the individual stands on something and reaches towards the bar, and then slowly lowers and lifts his or her body. The second form of pull ups is the assisted pull up which is done with the help of a pull up machine.

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4. Push Ups (10 reps)

Push-ups is a great back and chest exercise. In order to do this exercise, you must place your hands on the ground while making sure that they are wider than your shoulder-width apart. Move your body down and up with the help of your arms, to tone your back muscles.

5. Renegade Row (10 reps per arms)

This super intense exercise is a major part of this workout. To do this exercise, get into the plank position while holding weight in both the hands. Pull one arm back in a row position and then repeat with the other hand!

This amazing workout will help you lose the fat from your back and will keep you away from developing any back problems or bank pain in the future!

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