Three Tricks for Cutting down on Your Calorie Intake

Millions of people are constantly looking to reduce their weight and have come up with various solutions. One very important strategy used is cutting the portion size of your food. However, people fail in implementing this strategy because your eyes tend to deceive you. The trick lies in people not knowing what the appropriate portion to take, in order to keep themselves from over-eating or taking just enough calories so that it is not too much. In this article, various strategies will be revealed to help you eat the appropriate portions of food.

1. Smaller plate

The size of your plate is the key to reducing your calorie intake. When you have a bigger bowl, you are more likely to fill your plate or misjudge the size of your food. When you reduce the size of your plate, you eat less even when you are tempted to fill your stomach. You will realize that you take in less calories when you have a smaller plate as compared to your former plate which was bigger.

 2. Baking for one

You should only bake according to what you consume, but then you might just over indulge yourself. Of course, this begs the question “What is the appropriate size to bake then?” Here, those muffin tins are just right, say for a cake or some other food item and even when you bake for the whole family, you don’t need to bake an entire cake. You can simply bake one muffin tin per person. Hence, no extras will be available to tempt you to take a guilty bite from.

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3. Question yourself

Usually, you eat certain treats not out of hunger but just out of craving, attractiveness of the treat, boredom and similar reasons. As a result, you find yourself taking in more calories instead of cutting them down. Therefore, next time you crave for a meal or treat, ask yourself if you are hungry first. This will help you greatly in cutting down your calories. Hence, you stand a better chance losing weight.

Note that cutting down on your calories does not mean overdoing it as eating is important to keep yourself fit and healthy. Even healthy foods contain calories, portion it so that you will be able to burn calories for the day.

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