Trouble Sleeping? This Biology Hack Can Help You Fall Asleep in 1 Minute

In this day and age, more people are having trouble sleeping, with increasing focus on productivity and the struggles of keeping up with the fast pace of life. However, most people forget that sleep is one of the most important factors behind a healthy body and mind. So it is important to have good night sleep. The biology hack we are going to discuss here will help you fall asleep in 1 minute.

Stress an anxiety are greater problems today than ever before, with statistics showing that one in every two youngsters is battling with stress, which also leads to sleep deprivation among other issues. All that being said, it is established that sleeping disorders, insomnia and stress are prevalent issues that need addressing.

Today I am sharing one proven biology hack that can help just about anybody ease stress, reduce anxiety and fall asleep within a minute if done properly – and it revolves around controlling your breathing.

There is more to breathing than we think

According to Dr. Andrew Weil of Harvard, breathing can influence thoughts, moods and even physiology.


This means if you pay attention to your breathing pattern, you can essentially control how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

It’s funny because all of us breath all the time, yet very few of us actually pay attention to it.

It’s not even surprising, because if you think about it, your whole body and mind depends on you breathing in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Oxygen coming in through your lungs is processed and bonds with your blood, which is then pumped around the whole body by your heart, including to your brain.

Can you hold your breath for even one minute without discomfort? Didn’t think so. It is one of the most important autonomous bodily actions that is keeping you alive.

Now that we’ve established how important breathing actually is. Let’s take a minute to breath in and out slowly before we move on to the actual technique that has a proven effect on sleeping patterns.

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The 4-7-8 breathing hack

This hack is a breathing technique which is so simple, you’ll be amazed. Dr. Weil has also spoken in support of this technique and it here’s how you do the 4-7-8 hack:

  • Start by extending your tongue’s tip to touch the gums above your two front teeth
  • Keep your tongue positioned this way for this exercise
  • Start by exhaling your breath, which should make a whoosh sound
  • Now close your mouth, with the tongue still in the same position, and breath in through your nose for 4 seconds (count in your head)
  • After breathing in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds (again counting in your head)
  • Now open your mouth to exhale very slowly while counting to 8 and making the same whoosh sound as earlier

This is one cycle and you need to do at least three such cycles while your eyes closed and laying in your bed, all the while focusing on your breathing, and you’ll start feeling very sleepy. I’ve tried this myself and I was asleep before I even knew it.

How this hack works

Basically, breathing in for four seconds allows for proper oxygen intake – something most people ignore since they breath fast and short.

The seven second hold helps the oxygen absorption fully into the bloodstream, allowing for your body to feel relaxed and a little elated. The 8 second exhale is all about getting as much carbon dioxide out of your system as possible, lowering your heart rate and calming your nerves. Repeated cycles of the exercise hence help you fall asleep much faster.

I hope this sleeping hack helps everyone out there with sleeping problems and insomnia. If you have any suggestions or tips of your own, please comment below to let us know.

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