4 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated To Workout

4 ways to get motivated for workout

Well, you know fitness is the new beautiful but you are yet to find the motivation to stay fit? You are really interested but you can’t just find yourself working out? You’ve tried so hard but you still do not feel motivated to go on?

It is understandable that you lack the motivation; after all, working out takes a lot of time and effort. This doesn’t mean you should quit: you can get yourself motivated to keep keeping on and you may end up even loving it. Below are 4 steps that can help you:

1. Sign a commitment contract

This may seem strict but it works a great deal. Study has shown that you are more likely to break a contract if you are the only one involved. Involve your friends and sign a commitment contract; this will make you get serious with it. You can commit yourself to paying a particular amount if you skip your workout routine for a day, or deny yourself dinner or something. This will motivate you to step forward and do what you should.

2. Write down how you feel after every workout

Record how you feel after every workout, so that on days when you are less motivated, you can pick up your diary or doc and read how you felt the last time you ran or did any workout. This can instill a great feeling in you and a need to do even more.

3. Remember why you started

Just when you are about to turn back to your bed and forget about working out, remember why you started. Is it to get well-toned abs? Or to shed that extra fat? Think about how much weight you had before working out and how much you’ve lost so far; think about the abs already coming into place. Remember why exactly you started and what you want to gain from it.

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4. Try group fitness

If you feel you can’t do it on your own, try doing it with friends. You won’t want to be the first person to back out, as everyone wants to lead. Run and jog with friends and also do major and minor workouts with them. Set fitness goals together; this will help you in so many ways, and aside just the fun of it, you will end up achieving your aims.

There’s no excuse for not working out. Do what you can to get motivated.

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