7-Day Calorie Confusion Meal Plan for Weight Loss

7 day calorie confusion meal plan

The 7 Day Calorie Confusion diet plan for weight loss is based on the possibility that you can get in shape by “eating more” yet in the meantime making your eating schedules random and unpredictable, in order to confuse your digestive system and consequently make it work faster.

In spite of the fact that this eating routine works, this technique for weight loss is really based off of another prominent diet plan which utilizes the same kind of strategy, yet calls it calorie shifting.

How The Calorie Confusion Diet Works

The way to do this diet plan means rotating days here and there with regards to how many calories you intake. At the end of the day, you burn up the food you ate during the day, which results in a large number of calories accumulating. The next day, eat a significantly less amount of calories in order to confuse your digestive system.

Take in around 2,000 calories on the ‘up’ days and close to 1,200 calories on ‘down’ days. If you follow this strategy correctly, by alternating your calorie intake randomly every day, your digestive system will be forced to work harder just to keep up. In a way, you are ‘trapping’ your digestive system to force it to become more flexible and stronger.


Start off with either an up day (2,000 calories) or down day (1,200 calories). Whichever one you start with, you’ll go to the next one the following day, then back to the first.

Example 7 Days Calories Confusion Plan:

  • Day 1: High day  2000 calories,
  • Day 2: Low day 1200 calories,
  • Day 3: High 2000 calories,
  • Day 4: Low day 1200 calories,
  • Day 5: High day 2000 calories,
  • Day 6: Low day 1200 calories,
  • Day 7: High day2000 calories.

At that point you’re finished!

Every day you will eat 7 times a day. Sounds like a considerable measure yet it isn’t.

Here is the breakdown:

  1. Breakfast,
  2. nibble,
  3. lunch,
  4. nibble,
  5. supper,
  6. nibble,
  7. dinner.

Notice that there is a snack (nibble) between every real meal. This is so that you’ll eat something light, like an apple or nuts. The real meals are around a few hundreds of calories.

7 Day Calorie Confusion Meal Plan to Lose Weight without starving

Example of an eating plan that exemplifies this diet plan

High day (2,000 calories):

  • Breakfast (400 calories): 1 egg omelet, 1 cut of toast (no), some squeezed orange, 1/4 low fat cheddar (destroyed).
  • Nibble (50 calories): Bowl of nuts.
  • Lunch (300 calories): Ham sandwich with 2 cuts of entire bread, lettuce, tomato and cheddar (no sauces).
  • Nibble (50 calories): 1 apple.
  • Supper (600 calories): Chicken bosom (incline), 1 heated potato, serving of mixed greens from tomato and pickles, and some squeezed orange.
  • Nibble (50 calories): 1 orange.
  • Dinner (500): 1 lb of shrimp (bubbled), with some squeezed orange or water.
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All out: 1,950 calories. Try to not go more than 2,000 calories for upcoming days.

Down day (1,200 calories):

  • Breakfast (300 calories): 1 dish of oat with a large portion of some milk, 2 cuts of french toast and some squeezed orange.
  • Nibble (50 calories): Bowl of nuts.
  • Lunch (300 calories): Turkey sandwich comprising of 2 cuts of bread once more, 2 cuts of tomato, lettuce and cucumber (no sauces).
  • Nibble (50 calories): Bowl of strawberries.
  • Supper (200 calories): 1/2 pounds of flame broiled salmon with some squeezed orange (or some other common juice you incline toward).
  • Nibble (50 calories): Any 1 organic product you wish to eat.
  • Dinner (200 calories): 1/2 pound of incline chicken bosom, some juice, and serving of mixed greens.

Complete: 1,150 calories. Make a point to not go more than 1,200 calories on down days.

The following day simply repeat a comparable up day menu followed after a comparable down day menu the previous day.

We do not want to dictate you what you should eat for your meals or snacks as there are large varieties of meals you can prepare according to your taste and liking.

Most important thing to remember is that total calorie intake should be according to the diet plan day.

If it is high day then total calorie intake of the meals and snacks should not be more than 2000 calories.

If it is low day then total calorie intake of your all three meals and 4 snacks should be around 1200 calories.

Choices of meals and snacks are endless for this 7 day calorie confusion meal plan to lose weight.

Continue with this routine until you achieve rapid weight loss in just 7 days.

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