3 Workouts To Do On Your Lunch Break

A lot of people don’t enjoy the idea of lunch break workouts, which can be due to so many reasons. While these excuses may seem valid, you may have to lay them aside and embrace the benefits that come with working out during lunch breaks. Lunch break workouts can help relieve stress, improve problem solving skills, boost motivation and also improve your health. Ready to take a break off those excuses and work out the stress. Keep reading to know more.

1. Power hour yoga class

Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. This simply means it helps to connect your soul, body and spirit, which is quite awesome. It helps improve focus, relieve stress, strengthen the muscles in the body, and improve flexibility. You can go to a yoga studio that offers power hour yoga class around the same time with your lunch break, to fit into your schedule. Yoga helps greatly to boost the mood and you will feel much better by the time you return to work. Other benefits of yoga are that it helps to improve respiration, energy and vitality, weight reduction, athletic performance and also protect you from injury.

2. Take the stairs

This is quite easy to do. Before you eat lunch, you can hit the stairs and spend about 10 minutes walking to and fro depend on how long the stairs are. Ditch the elevator, if you have one, and go for the stairs instead. Walking down or up the stairs is a cardio exercise on its own, as it increases blood circulation and also strengthen the heart muscles. This helps to build the leg muscles and reduce the risk of minor sprains in the leg.

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3. Walking meeting

There are probably times you don’t want to leave your working environs to do anything at all, especially if you have to catch up with a meeting during your break. If that’s the case, you may have to settle for a walking meeting. Simply suggest to the other party and you can walk around the gallery, while you discuss, or walk around your working space. This is just to get yourself physically active and help strengthen your muscles. This also applies to calls and online chats. simply take a walk around as you get involved in them.

You can sacrifice a half or quarter of your lunch break to get involved in one or two exercises.

Image Courtesy of: yogainternational.com, commons.wikimedia.org

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