26 Best Places to Run in the World


Running can be quite fun and relaxing when done the right way and under the right weather conditions. Not only do you get to get in a great workout, you also get to relax your mind and release stress. This article is for those of you who like to run and travel so when next you are in either of these following countries, you might want to stop by one of these running trails and create long-lasting memories.

1. Running trails by the riverside

If you are more of a jogging person, or you just like to take in the fresh air that seeming comes from the water body, then these running along the coastline is the best thing for you!

a) Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A;

b) Leybato Beach, Fajara, The Gambia;

c) Manhattan Beach, California;

d) Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia;

e) Marine Drive seawall, Mumbai, India;

f) The Charles River, Boston, Massachusetts;

g) Kamogawa River, Kyoto, Japan;

h) Snappers Rock, Gold Coast, Australia;

i) Peniche, Portugal;

j) Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand;

k) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


2. Running trails in the forest/park

Running through parks or forests is quite fun: you get to see people with their kids and dogs in the parks while running through the forest, you get to be alone and enjoy the serene scenery with the trees and the sound of birds in the trees an sky.

a) Hyde Park, London, England;

b) Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y.C;

c) El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico.

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3. Running trails on mountain tops/hills

If hiking and climbing mountains are your thing, then you are sure to enjoy these following places.

a) Lost Man Loop, Close to Independence Pass and Aspen, Colorado, U.S.A;

b) Table Top Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa;

c) Runyon Park, Los Angeles, Cal., U.S.A;

d) Saviese, Switzerland;

e) Joshua Tree, Cal., U.S.A;

f) Cliffs of Moher, Ireland;

g) The Grand Circle Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A;

h) Olfusa River, Reykjavik, Iceland


4. Running trails in the desert

I am not one for heat and running through the desert is a bit extreme for me but if you love the desert, then check out these places when next you travel!

a) The Arabian Desert, Abu Dhabi U.A.E;

b) Sahara Desert, Africa


5. Running trails through cities/towns

a) Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France

b) Istanbul, Turkey



When next you travel, instead of spending your entire vacation in your hotel room or in the shopping malls, discover running trails near you!

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