3 Breakfast That Are Really Bad For You

Having breakfast daily is not only important to your health but is also very vital to your weight. Also, consuming unpleasant breakfasts can do more damage than not having breakfast at all. Shocking, isn’t it?

This article provides you with 3 breakfasts that you should definitely stay away from if you are looking to stay fit and keep a healthy weight. These breakfasts are also very capable of hindering your effectiveness during the course of the day and can even go on to cause more health damages in the long run.

1. Processed smoothies

Top on our lists are processed smoothies. If you have a habit of picking up a smoothie from a shop every morning, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Processed smoothies have a lot of sweeteners, sugars, additives and other substances added to it, that does chaos to your health. Their sugar content is so disturbing that they might actually contain more calories than fries and burgers.

Unless you are making the smoothie at home yourself and you are sure of the sources of the ingredients, smoothie is never healthy for breakfast.

2. Juices

Though juices are usually made from fruit and are hence rich in antioxidants and vitamins, they contain a lot of sugar which can spike blood sugar levels, increasing the probability of one attracting diseases like diabetes and can also alter your mood negatively during the course of your day. With juice, it’s easier for sugar to get into your bloodstream than the sugar from solid food.

Most times, juices do not contain fiber, which is a very important nutrient that should be included in every breakfast, so your digestive system does not flex. Taking juices alone as breakfast is at your own risk.

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3. Small breakfasts

Small breakfasts actually hinder or reduce weight reduction. This sounds weird considering the fact that most people believe that you need to eat less in order to lose weight and stay fit. This however, is a misconception. A huge breakfast, according to experts, with at least 20 grams of protein and about 15 grams or more of fiber can kick-start you r metabolism and keep you full throughout your day’s work. So if you are used to eating small breakfasts, now is the better time to stop and start eating huge protein-filled breakfasts.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should therefore treat it as such. Start “breakfasting” right today and you would surely see it’s benefits in the nearest future.

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