3 Habits that are Clogging your Pores

Your pores are holes in your skin from which hair follicles grow out; sweat and other extricates also pass out from the body through your pores. However, they can become clogged, which creates skin conditions like pimples, acne, breakouts, and many more. The following are some of the things that you may be doing that can increase your risk of having clogged pores.

1. Picking your pores and pimples

Yea, the intuitive thing to do if you want to get rid of something is to work actively at removing it. But that will only make it worse when dealing with pores and pimples. You see when you start to touch, stretch, and squeeze skin, it only increases the chances of it being irritated and inflamed more than it actually is, increasing it over time. It may go down for a while after picking it, but it will bounce back bigger and more painful than it was before, which also due to the increased chances of transferring dirt, bacteria, and oil to the skin, which helps to increase the chances and size of pores developing.

Instead use ointments like benzoyl peroxide spot treatment or salicylic acid to clear pores and pimples, though it may be very painful.

2. Too much touching of the face

Pores and pimples form when bacteria get into hair follicles or skin pores, feeding, and growing and multiplying on the dirt and oil that is located there, while they and the wastes they produce irritates the surrounding skin, causing inflammation. Now think of this; your hands touch all sorts of things throughout the day, picking up all sorts of dirt and bacteria, and are only washed a few times. again imagine touching your face, transferring the dirt, bacteria, to pores and hair follicles, plus the oily cream you are using or that your body naturally produces on the skin does not help matters. No wonder your face is covered with pimples.

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Sit on your hands to make you conscious of what you do with them, or ask those around you to inform you when you are touching too much. These should help reduce touching your face, and help reduce the chances of pores and pimples developing.

3. Not removing makeup before sleep

One of the worst treatments you can give to your skin is sleeping with your makeup on. Your face pressed into your pillow or the sheets, allows for the particles it contains to be pressed well inside into your pores, and provides extra oil, for bacteria which can feed off some of the pressed-in particles. When you get back home, always remember to wash your face or if you are prone to forget, make it a habit to take a shower before bedtime, that way you are sure to get the makeup off.

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