3 Signs That You’re Dangerously Dehydrated During A Workout

The body is made up of 70 percent of water, so it is required that we drink an adequate amount daily to help in the proper functioning of our body. Working out during summer can make you dehydrated due to the harsh, hot and humid weather. This makes your body lose fluids greater than 1 liter per hour, which can mean it is losing more water than it absorbs, leading to dehydration. Dehydration can also thicken the blood and narrow blood vessels, which can cause high blood pressure and lead to several heart defects. Below are some signs to watch out for while you workout.

1. Increased heart rate

When you don’t take in as much water as your body requires, it affects your pulse and your body tends to respond to your workout intensity. If your heart rate goes up higher than normal, without any obvious leading cause, it could be due to insufficient water in the body. At this point, you should stay hydrated. If symptoms persists even after taking adequate water, you should see a physician, as it could be due to some other reason you are probably not aware of.

2. You feel fatigued

You may feel really sluggish and tired during a workout and this can be a sign that you haven’t taken sufficient water needed for your body. It doesn’t really matter if you ate right before you workout, plain water does the trick. Drink adequate water before and after your workout or even during your workout if it’s for a longer period. This will help you stay energized and endure longer hours of workouts.

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3. You cramp easily

You can cramp easily during your workouts if you don’t stay hydrated. It doesn’t have to be a lot, a glass of water an hour before your workout is just fine. Dehydration often leads to a drop in salt levels in some people, which can trigger muscle cramps.

You may get dehydrated in even a moderate workout if you don’t drink enough fluids. An electrolyte imbalance also occurs if you keep exercising in this state and this may lead to life-threatening heat stroke, contractions and loss of consciousness. This is why it is recommended to drink as much as 8 ounces of water daily, or even more, depending on how much you workout and how much fluid is lost.

Image courtesy by: menshealth.com, demandstudios.com

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