4 Chocolate Desserts That Are Actually Good For You


If you love chocolates but have had to stop eating them because you are concerned about your weight, here is some good news for you: you can actually return to your chocolates! Just not in the form that you are probably used to. Generally, chocolates are considered unhealthy, due to the added sugars when cocoa is transformed into desserts. This is one of the reasons people trying to lose weight are advised not to include chocolate in their diet.

However, the truth is that you are missing out on a lot of benefits if you refuse to eat chocolate entirely, as cocoa is rich in dietary polyphenols, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains flavonoids that helps the body to process nitric oxide. You are probably already wondering if there are some types of chocolates you safely eat, on a weight loss diet, and there are.

#1. Pulse chocolate-chip cookies

These are wonderful cookies that you may think you can’t have, but still want to have a taste of. Pulse chocolate-chip cookies are gluten-free, and rich in phenolic acids. They come in either a garbanzo bean flour or as roasted chickpeas, and increases satiety due to their protein and fiber nutrients. So eat it in moderate amounts when you indulge yourself.

#2. Simple chocolate gelato

With the velvety structure of this chocolate, its looks are inviting, and it doesn’t have milk or any added sugar. It is prepared with frozen and fully ripened bananas packed with potassium. The bananas are whipped with unsweetened cocoa powder, pure vanilla extract, and sea salt.

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#3. Fluffy vegan chocolate mousse with strawberries

You will need a ripe avocado to get this chocolate creamy, and with the many amazing benefits of avocado, you can’t go wrong with this dessert. The fluffy vegan chocolate mousse doesn’t require dairy or eggs, and it is contains heart-friendly fats and a lot of vitamins and minerals (about 20).

Mix the fruit with raspberry preserves and coconut nectar, then add cocoa powder and vanilla extract to it, then chip in a little sea salt and vinegar. Mix all this together and let it chill for a couple of hours. You can then top it off with strawberries for more nutritional benefits.

#4. Chocolate-dipped frozen pineapple mini-pops

These really delicious mini-pops are made from chopped pineapples dipped in dark chocolate. The pineapple is already a rich source of nutrients, as it provides vitamin C, and contains the enzyme known as bromelain which helps in the digestion of proteins, absorbs nutrients more efficiently, reduces the swelling of soft tissue injuries, and many other benefits.

Yes! You can eat chocolates and still stay healthy. Try any of the chocolate desserts mentioned above and have fun!

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