The Only 4 Exercises You Need to Do to Stay Fit

The average novice to fitness may find that there is a lot to being fit and that the entire tapestry of fitness can be wearying. However, the process can be simplified and today i’ll walk you through some of the most basic exercises you can engage in to award yourself a clean bill of health. I assure you that if you consistently engage in these exercises you will not need to worry about your health in the long run.

1. Jogging

Nowadays most people are so caught up with technological advancements and the rigors of urban life that they barely have the time to even go for a jog. Understand that, that staying fit essentially revolves around how well you do even the most mundane of things, so to stay fit, make a conscious choice to routinely engaging in jogging, because doing this at least every week for even just 20 minutes will significantly enhance your cardiovascular system and keep you fit.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups also contribute to improving your cardiovascular system but push-ups mainly focus on building your core and strengthening your arm muscles. Performing push-ups is entirely simple: Get down in a plank position, with your hands at just more than shoulder width-apart on the floor, keeping your back and butt straight. Then raise your upper body by straightening your arms and pushing up through your shoulders. Once that is done, slowly return to your starting position by bending your arms outwards to allow you lower your chest.

3. Wheel pose/Bridges

Lie down with your back on the floor, with your knees bent and your hands besides your head. Then push your hips upwards while you squeeze your butt and leg muscles to enable you increase the tension on your back; with the help of your shoulders, lift and thrust your pelvis upwards and hold it there for a while. Engaging in this particular exercise is highly recommended to maintain a strong and flexible back.

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4. Squats

The Director of Training Methodology at peak Performance in New York City, Patricia Davidson once explained that the human brain largely responses to movement patterns rather than single muscle movements, and one of the movement patters she suggested was squats. Squats will build your leg muscles, calves, hamstrings and also render a ‘body-wide muscle building’ effect.  So start by standing upright with your feet, shoulder width-apart, stretch your hands forward, bend your knees and slowly descend till your thighs are parallel to the floor and return to starting position; repeat the move 10-15 times.

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