6 Siting Exercise To Reduce Back Pain

Sometimes the way we sit in the office chair or even at home is really bad and can cause us chronic back pain. The way we sit can put stress on the shoulders, back, arms and legs, but in this article you will find some of the ways to properly sit so as to have a good posture and reduce your lower back pain.

1. Keep your head up

You have to focus on aligning your head with your neck, which will be right above your shoulders and try avoid straining you neck by leaning forward.

2. Shoulder bone crush

Start by sitting up straight in a seat with your hands laying on your thighs, hold your shoulders down and your button level, then gradually move your shoulders back and press your shoulder bones together. Hold for a total of five breathes and then repeat it for like four or five times.

3. Lower back pain

Your base ought to be squeezed against the back of your seat and there ought to be a pad that causes your lower back to curve somewhat, keeping in mind  that you don’t droop forward or slump down in the seat, even when you eventually get tired. By doing this you will be able to reduce your risk of developing lower back pain from sitting for too long in your workplace.

4. Arm-over trunk extend

Lift your right arm to your shoulder level before you and curve the arm at the elbow, keeping the lower arm parallel to the floor and then take the right elbow with your left hand and tenderly draw it over your trunk till you feel an extend in the upper arm and shoulder on the right side. Pause there for 15 to 30 seconds and then repeat the same to the other side.

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5. Breathe from your belly

Whenever you breathe in, attempt to bring your navel towards your spin as you engage your core muscles.

6. Feet should be flat

You have to keep your feet flat on the ground and your shoulders width apart to a ease the tension in your ankles and knees.

When you get to the office you don’t have to be too lazy to sit correctly, because sitting in the wrong manner can lead to a serious pains in your back and eventually give you a bad posture.

Image Courtesy by: runnersworld.com, bandcchiropractic.com

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