6 Health Benefits of Cold Showers

If it is the cold season where you are, the last thing that you want to touch your skin is anything that is cold. However, taking cold showers has been shown to have some healthy benefits to your skin and your body as a whole. Cold showers help in burning fat as well as relieving the body of stress. Read on to learn about some of the few benefits of cold showers.

Cold showers increase mental alertness

A cold shower on a cold morning seems may sound like suicide, but it’s actually what your body needs, especially for the start of the day. The initial shock that you get from taking a cold shower helps to keep the body warm, due to the fact that it increases the intake of oxygen. Your heart rate will rise and you will also get a rush of blood all over your body. It helps to make the body and mind alert for the rest of the day and improves your mood as well.

Cold showers refine your hair and skin

Due to the shock of the cold water hitting your skin, your cuticles and pores are tightened and it prevents them from getting clogged or for dirt to get in, unlike hot water showers that dry out your skin. This is a good method to maintain a good appearance.

Cold showers improve body immunity and blood circulation

Cold water encourages the circulation of blood throughout the body and also lowers the blood pressure, opens any blocked arteries and generally improves the immune system.

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Cold showers aid weight loss

Cold showers aid weight loss for the 2 types of fat. They are called white fat and brown fat. White fat is a result of accumulated calories stored up in the body and is very difficult to get rid of. Brown fat is the one that keeps the body warm during cold periods, therefore losing fat as it performs this activity. When you shower with cold water, it prompts brown fat to work out, causing the loss of pounds of fat if this practice is consistently and regularly done.

Cold showers reduce stress

Cold showers are known to relieve the body of stress as a 1994 study found that there is a decrease in uric acid levels because of a cold shower. It also known that there is an increase in glutathione that helps to keep other antioxidants in the body working at high levels. Cold water naturally serves to cool the body and aids in getting a good night’s sleep.

Cold showers reduces depression

Cold showers help to improve your mood and relieve the various symptoms of depression. This is due to the intense impact of cold receptors in the skin which sends electrical impulses to the brain. If you want to feel good and lighten up , take a cold shower.

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