4 Ways to Reduce Neck Tension

Neck tension and pain can be formed due to stress, poor sleeping positions, occupied at a computer all day or having a bad posture. Neck tension can sometimes cause tension, headaches and different spine problems. You can lessen sore or painful neck tension by performing neck stretches, using massages and heat, and by altering your day-to-day routine.

Start with seated neck tilts

Neck tilts are an excellent way to start your neck stretching regimen, as they will help to pull out the larger muscles in your neck and ease your entire body. Stretching and lengthening the small muscles in your neck can also help you avoid tension related headaches. Be seated in a relaxed cross-legged position on a soft surface or exercise mat. You can use supports like a pillow or yoga block and sit on them to make the seated position more at ease.

Do chin to chest stretches

Expose your neck muscles with easy but effective chin to chest stretches. Take a seat in a relaxed cross-legged position with any support like a pillow or a block to help push your pelvis ahead. Breathe in and gradually lower your chin towards your chest. Picture yourself grasping an egg between your chin and chest and you don’t want to let it fall.

Try a swinging arm stretch

This easy standing stretch will put your torso and arms in action and help to let go any tension in your neck and shoulders. Start in a standing posture with your feet hip width apart and your arms by your sides. Start swinging your arms from side to side. Use your torso and your shoulders to turn your body gradually from side to side, allowing your arms to also swing side to side. Swipe your arms and body for five to ten breaths.

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Do a forward fold with a chest opening

This standing pose is excellent for letting loose of tension in your neck and shoulders. Stand with your legs three to four feet spaced out on a mat. Turn your feet inwards so that your toes are curved inward and your heels are curved somewhat outward. Hook your hands behind your back so your fingers are tangled and your palms are as near together as possible. Breathe in as you raise your chest to the ceiling, with your neck in an upward direction.

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