4 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight Over Thanksgiving

Wouldn’t it be pleasing, if this hallowed bingeing moment for once didn’t crash your waistline anguishes. Having the best of Thanksgiving doesn’t necessarily mean inevitable weight gain.Put in some planning moment, know how to repair your attitude towards the Thanksgiving foods and you’re on your way for more Holiday satisfaction and less Holiday congestion.

1. Go easy on the calories the week before

The wonderful thing about this event is that, you know exactly when they’re coming. They’re not like that surprise pot of queso your friend brought to you, over that one night that you by chance consume, all by yourself after an unfortunate bottle and a half of wine. So do your worries a great deal of favor by cutting back the week before. It’ll make the food on Thanksgiving much more delicious.

2. Put treats out of sight

When our kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and let’s be honest, bedrooms are besieged with cookies, cakes, sweet, sweet snacks, it would take a machine or an isolated paraplegic not to yield to the deliciousness. When gingerbread, peppermint brownies and toffee is within arm’s reach, no one will be pointing fingers, to blame you for going over to the dark side. As it would be silly to recommend you throw them out, the best method you can take is to put them in a non-transparent container and in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind. It really works.

3. Schedule your workouts

When our agendas get chock-full which usually takes place during the holidays, exercise is generally the first to go. The gym changes hours, we end up traveling, family responsibilities enlarge tenfold, whatever the situation may be, we yield to the stresses of our schedules and end up doing a lot more waiting, eating, and sitting than we planned. Rather than letting your schedule dominant you, dominant it.

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4. Reduce stress

Most of us are roaming up and down like chickens with our heads cut off this period of the year. The rise in our stress levels in reality leads to more cortisol being formed, which can lead to weight gain. And you assume it was only the dinner bowls.

  • Map out time to do some stretching and warm-ups in the morning or suit in in a yoga session any time possible. Take 15 minutes time when you’re sitting behind the desk at work. Anything that would give you that zen, do it. Your waistline won’t know to thank you, but the numbers will prove it later.

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