5 Foods to Eat for a Stronger Immune System


The immune system functions to protect the body against foreign invaders, and is more or less the body’s anti-sickness defense mechanism. As such, if the immune system is weak, the body will be exposed to many risks, as it will not be able to defend the itself against all kinds of infections or invaders. This is why it is very important to boost the immune system and ensure that it stays alert.

The kinds of food you eat daily play a large role in how your immune system functions. For a stronger immune system, here are 5 foods you should eat and why:

1. Garlic

Garlic has a very important nutrient known as allicin, that functions to fight against bacteria. Studies have shown that people who eat garlic often are at a lesser risk of catching a cold or some other infections. You can add crushed garlic to your meals whenever you are cooking, or you can eat two raw cloves daily.

2. Chicken soup

While cooking chicken, an important amino acid known as cysteine is released, which helps to improve the immune system and overall health. You can add spices like garlic and onions to the soup, to increase its flavour.

3. Beef

Beef contains zinc, which is needed to promote health. Zinc deficiency is a nutritional shortfall that can lead to several health complications and also increase the risk of infection. Zinc helps in the development of white blood cells, which recognize and destroy invading bacteria, viruses, and so on.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are known to increase the production and activity of white blood cells, helping the body ward off infections faster. Have some mushrooms consistently to improve your body’s immunity.

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5. Yoghurt

An important feature found in yoghurt is it’s probiotics content–healthy bacteria that keep the gut and GI tract free from foreign invaders. Take about a 7-ounce dose of yoghurt to boost your immune system with probiotics.

You will save yourself a lot of risks if you have a strong immune system. Eat these 5 meals we have talked about, to ensure that you stay healthy and strong.

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