5 Reasons You Should Not Be Addicted to Coffee

As delicious and “helpful” coffee is to people it can be very unhealthy if consumed consistently. The drug like drink has become the “fix” many tend to rely on for a very energetic morning or to “wake up themselves”. Whilst this might help to do the job, it won’t last for the long haul and the longer one drinks coffee the stronger the effects, both negatively and positive. Here are a few reasons as to avoid coffee;

Financial issue

The amount of money one uses on coffee if calculated daily for a week, then a month, add up 12 months, which is a year, is enough to start up a business or push into investments or better still for savings . If you can stop consuming coffee, thousands of dollars would be saved. It would do well to calculate the amount of coffee you take in a day and multiply the whole thing for a year. That’s your reason right there.

It increases your blood pressure

Constant drinking of caffeine can raise your blood pressure and go higher in some people. Quitting can help change that in a lot of ways.

Bad Sleep

Then there is the issue of getting better sleep when you quit drinking coffee. Drinking too much coffee during the day can interfere with the amount of sleep needed for your body. You can get better sleeping time if coffee is taken less or stopped altogether.

Better Mood

Quitting coffee helps to improve your moods. If you don’t have your morning coffee in the morning, you will likely feel very irritated and grumpy, and as you continue not drinking coffee, you can become anxious and paranoid. Irritating behavior creeps up as a result of coffee withdrawals. That’s why it’s better to stay away from it altogether and avoid a chaotic mind.

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Weight Loss

This doesn’t apply to those who drink their coffee black with no sugar whatsoever. The average coffee adds enough calories to one’s diet that the body simply doesn’t need. Most times people drink more sugar from coffee beverages than the average sugary drinks. Many experts conclude that sugary beverages are one of the biggest reasons for the obesity epidemic plaguing the western world. For example, 1 Starbucks Vanilla Latte per day saves 250 calories per day, which is 1,750 calories a week, or 91,250 calories a year! (Grab a calculator) It’s also important to note that 1 pound of fat contains the equivalent of 3500 calories.

image courtesy of: paleoplan.com, healthambition.com.

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