5 Foods to Keep Your Stomach Working at 100%


Have you ever wondered how the food in your stomach is broken down and transferred to the rest of your body? There are actually enzymes and catalysts in your stomach that help your body to make the best use of the food you eat. The stomach could be likened to a machine with various components that have assigned functions, and when these components become rusty and faulty, it will be difficult for your stomach to work as effectively as it ought to.

This article is going to bring to light some of the foods that have been attributed to possess healing properties and can give your stomach a clean bill of health. We hope that you enjoy reading this.

1. Brown Rice1

Brown rice is highly rich in fiber and fiber plays an important role in the digestive system. It is a complex form of carbohydrates and can lower your blood pressure. Foods that are rich in soluble fiber help to control your blood sugar levels, and additionally, brown rice is also effective at fixing constipation.

2. Water and Fruits2

Water is a universal solvent, and it aids in the digestion process. Brown rice and other foods that are rich in fiber act like a sponge and absorb a lot of water, so if there is little water in your stomach it will make the digestion process difficult and may cause constipation.

Ensure that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day to get you hydrated.

3. Yogurt3

As I mentioned earlier, your stomach has components that aid the digestion process. In these components, there are enzymes, catalysts and even bacteria (these are good bacteria). Yogurt contains a lot of these good bacteria that help in the digestion process.

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A gastroenterologist in the US – Dr. Timothy M. Mccashland, MD, once explained that “Yogurt has bacteria, which replenishes the normal flora within the gastrointestinal tract so it’s healthy,”

4. Fish and Lean Meat4

It is commonly said that chicken, fish and other lean meat go down faster and easier.

5. Bananas

Bananas help to replace the lost nutrients and further help to toughen your stomach lining. Bananas are rich in5 potassium which is very necessary for the efficient running of the cells, tissues and organs in your body.

Whatever you do, make sure you avoid spicy foods, caffeine, excessive soda and excessive alcohol among others.


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