5 Ways to Speed up Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism is one thing every human being needs, that is concerned about health and fitness should go for as, this is the ultimate goal to weight loss. Faster digestion, better absorption of food nutrients and a faster metabolism in all. There are foods to eat that, will always aid this process, eating outside of foods that will slow down your metabolism and then, will slow down the effect of weight loss. In order to speed up metabolism, here are these things to follow up.

1. Fight fat with fiber

Eat more foods with fiber as this helps to burn fat. Research shows fiber helps to burn fat 30 percent of the time. It is important that your diet comprises of about 25g of fiber a day, this would be a good healthy dose of fruits and vegetables.

2. Eat more organic food

Aim to eat organic foods instead of processed or refined products as, their nutrients would be stripped off through the use of many chemicals and processes used in the finished products. Go for foods in their most natural state as toxins from processed foods interfere with energy burning process that slows down one’s metabolism.

3. Get more Vitamin D

Aim to get more vitamin D in your foods as, they are an essential metabolism revving force in the body. Eat enough seafood like salmon, tuna like, eggs etc. learn how to cook dishes that, you can incorporate vitamin D ingredients as the main center of attraction or as an accompaniment but it should be present.

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4. Turn to green tea

Green tea is one of the best sources for revving up your metabolism as, it has high antioxidant qualities that, are good for the body. It has also being concluded by researchers that people who drank more green tea lose more weight than, those who do not. According to one study that concluded that drinking 5 to 8 ounce cups a day of green tea would do wonders for your digestive system as well as aid weight loss. It is important to note that, green tea aids in removing toxins from the body.

5. Think protein

Go for protein as the body digest protein slowly. Since it does this, the body uses 10 percent of its calorie intake for digestion and since it takes longer to burn protein, the body is using more energy absorbing nutrients in a high protein diet. It is also important to note that, foods in high protein may help preserve lean body mass, which is the best fat burning weapon in all.

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