6 Easy Tricks To Help You Lose Weight This Summer

6 Super Easy Tricks to Help You Lose Weight This Summer

Summers right around the corner which means that we will no longer have the opportunity to burn gigantic amount of calories as our body tries to keep itself warm. To make up for this lost shortcut to burning calories, we have curated 6 easy tips that will take advantage of the season and help you lose weight this summer.

1. Don’t Sit Still

Weight loss is all about the little things that add up to bring about a transformation. Make sure that you are as fidgety as possible whether that comes in the form of shaking your leg or tapping your feet or just drumming your fingers. Depending on the intensity and the frequency of the movement, you can burn as many as 400 calories per day.

2. Drink Ice cold water

The temperatures are soaring and it is only logical that you drink ice cold water to quench your thirst. What you do not know, however, is that this practice will help you lose weight too as the ice cold water must first be heated by the body. The body cannot use the water if its temperature is not equivalent to the body’s temperature. Thus, the colder the water the more the calories that the body burns.

3. Eat frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream

The summer heat will have you craving ice cream in no time but here’s where a slight adjustment will help you lose weight. Instead of the dairy based ice creams, choose the frozen flavored yoghurts. There is only a slight difference in the taste but the effects are profound. The probiotics present in the yoghurt help inhibit the storage of fat in your body which directly translates to a thinner you.

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4. Go down to the beach for a swim

The season calls for you to cool off and what better way than to take a dip either in the sea or a nearby pool. You will have a great workout and burn off a lot calories while you swim and the intense cardio workout will also lead to more calories getting burnt even after you’re done swimming.

5. Replace fizzy drinks with fresh smoothies

Fresh smoothies are the healthier option instead of fizzy drinks, and will help you gain important minerals and vitamins which will help you maintain blood sugar levels and keep sudden cravings at bay.

6. Go down to the beach for a sunbath

A study in 2010 concluded that increased vitamin D levels may lead to weight loss as it helps boost the body’s melanin production which requires a higher metabolic level. The sunlight is the best source of this vitamin and given the season, it is only logical that you lie down for a sunbath soon.

The summer is my favorite season because I love the sun and given all the above seasonal benefits my love has only increased!

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