6 Ways to Eat More Veggies for Weight Loss

10 ways to eat more veggies for weight loss 1

Vegetables are low in calories and are great for weight loss. They also help to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. A great way to keep your health stable is by eating a lot of vegetables. However, this is a challenge for many people due to different reasons. It could be as a result of a daily busy schedule, the general misconception that vegetables are boring, or many other reasons. How can you start eating more vegetables? Keep reading to find out.

1. Add veggies to your eggs

Rather than frying your eggs the usual way, why not add veggies? Make a great breakfast by adding veggies like spinach, peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and so on, to your eggs.

2. Make a veggie pancake

You can easily add finely chopped veggies to your pancake batter. Not only will it make it taste great, but also help you increase your veggie intake. So when next you mix that pancake batter, don’t forget the veggies.

3. Add veggies to your soup

Any good soup should have some vegetables like fresh pepper, tomatoes, and onions. In addition to the regular soup, you can add extra veggies like broccoli, turnip, beets, and beans. This is one great way to help you eat more vegetables.

4. Drink water

Instead of juice and other harsh drinks, why not take water? Water is known to increase appetite for vegetables, and also improve satiety. If you feel you lack an appetite for vegetables, try gulping down some cups of water.

5. Replace fries with salad

Salad is one of those meals that gives you raw and fresh veggies. When you go to a restaurant, what do you order as a side dish? If you are familiar with fries, it’s best you start learning how to swap for a salad. Compared to salad, fries are likely to add to your body fat, which isn’t healthy. Why not give salad a try and make it a habit?

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6. Stock up frozen vegetables

Running out of veggies shouldn’t be an excuse for not eating them. You probably do not have so much time to shop so why not buy in bulk and stock them up in your freezer? If done this way, there will be little or nothing to worry about, knowing that you have some veggies in store.

Vegetables are known for their rich water content. They function effectively to hydrate the body, boost metabolism, encourage weight loss, and many other great advantages.

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