5 Ways to Shrink Your Fat Belly

Having a fat belly might make you feel low about yourself, as well of making you uncomfortable as a result of the fat belly you have. Wearing lovely cloths of your choice would be limited especially tops that would have to expose your belly.

But the good news is that you can still wear those beautiful tops which would take you to follow these steps written below.

 1. Take more of fiber food

Fibers help in preventing constipation which could cause your tummy to swell. You might not want to take it, because you might fill it, might not fill your tummy, but when eaten it fills you up and also helps to digest your food, not allowing your tummy to swell.

2. Avoid taking of alcohol

Try to skip days of taking wine, because constant absorption tends to raise cortisol level in your body making your belly too big.

3. Reduce stress

Excessive stress may contribute to you having a potbelly. It leads to a high cortisol level. it’s a hormone that tends to direct fats to the belly. To keep your belly low try to be calm and a lot reduce the level of your stress.  This can be done going to a comfortable and quiet place sit and try to breathe in and out to release yourself this would help you clear your mind  and reduce stress this tend to  reduce your potbelly.

4. Try eating early

Try not to eat very late at night, try to eat two to three hours before you go to bed. This should be done because when you eat late and you sleep immediately it slows the digestion of food in your belly properly. You tend to be less active in the morning, which means your body tends to store so many calories instead of burning it, which leads to you having a big belly. Therefore try to eat early so your food can be digested before you go to bed.

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5. Eat healthy diet

Eating healthy makes you live a healthy life as well as making you have a flat belly. Healthy diet has to do with you eating food in right and equal proportion and having a balance diet. Food like Vegetables, fruits Cut down your junks food like eating excessive candies, chips etc.

Try eating more of protein such as beans, nuts and meat, this keeps you healthy and free from big belly. Add grains, dairy product and healthy fats. The more you eat healthy the more you live a healthy life and you become free from potbelly.

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