Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger Drink for Weight Loss

Green tea, lemon and ginger have been known to have great health benefits and have so far been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. Interestingly, they also help to fight off weight loss, which tops the fitness list.

Green tea is by itself a great means to lose weight. What then happens when you combine green tea and lemon?

Ginger on the other hand, works to ease digestion by increasing the pH of the stomach. It also reduces gas, bloating, and flatulence. Studies have shown it to be a thermogenic agent that helps to burn fat.

Lemon helps greatly in weight loss, which is why many people opt for lemon water. It also helps to keep the body hydrated and quickens digestion.

How to make the mixture

Get one gallon of water, 6 green tea packets, juice made from 3 lemons and about 2 inches of grated fresh ginger. Start by bringing the water to a rolling simmer, then add the lemon tea into it and leave it for 20 minutes. Squeeze out the juice from the lemon and add it to the water. Now, peel the fresh ginger, grate and puree it and add it to the mixture. Once that is done, take out the tea bags and add and mix everything thoroughly and turn it all into a nice container. It’s best taken when cold, so freeze and drink about 4 times daily.

The combination of ginger, lemon and green tea gives acts as an energy drink that works wonders! With 4 glasses in a day, you are maximizing its effects and you get to have many more benefits besides weight loss. This drink helps to improve brain function, lower the risk of cancer and heart disease and also improve overall health.

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