6 Ways to Start Losing Weight Without Exercise

Your routine may be extremely hectic and it may not be possible for you to set aside an hour or two for exercise, but that does not mean that you do not want to lose weight. We understand your situation perfectly, which is why we have compiled 6 ways to make sure that you can start losing weight even without breaking into a sweat.

Fidget more often

All of your annoying habits may prove to be extremely beneficial since they burn more calories than you think. Next time you sit at a desk, drum your fingers or shake a leg to lose a few calories. Studies have shown that you may burn up to 400 calories everyday if you keep at it.

Active lifestyle

Make small changes to your lifestyle such as parking a few hundred meters away from your office so you can get in that little walk and help improve circulation. Choose the stairs next time you have the option between a staircase and an elevator.

Eat more Fiber

Fiber helps you feel satiated, which means that the brain will not want to consume any more calories since it thinks that the gut cavity is already full, since our body is incapable of entirely breaking down the fiber.

Eat more protein

Protein takes longer to break down and this is serves a similar purpose to the fiber and you will feel a reduced occurrence of cravings and sudden hunger pangs.

Drink more water

Water helps rid your body of all the toxins that otherwise inhibit the effective combustion of the calories. We should drink about 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis for effective functioning of the body.

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Replace juices with green tea

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, especially EGCG that helps boost the metabolism. Once the metabolism spikes, the body needs more energy to make up for this deficit and this is provided for by burning more calories. Thus, you can burn calories while you simply sip on a cup of green tea. How simple is that!

Make the above mentioned changes to your everyday life and you will fitness a transformation that will not leave you proud of yourself but will also impress those around you. Well what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cup of green tea and start burning calories already.

Image Courtesy by: hkrtcdn.com, bestslim.org

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