7 Tasty Tips for Cutting Carbs From Your Diet

Cutting carbs from your diet helps to promote weight loss, and unlike what many people think, you don’t necessarily have to cut carbs completely from your diet. You can always focus on the nutrient dense foods like vegetables, berries, dairy products, and so on. Processed and refined carbs aren’t healthy for you, so you need to cut them out of your diet. Below are some tips to guide you on how to cut carbs from your diet.

1. Ripening raises carbs

Some fruits are low in carbs before they become fully ripe, so you can eat them in this state before they fully ripen and their carbs increase. Perfect examples are: grated green papaya and sliced green pear. You can add any of these two to your meals or salads.

2. Take the veggie alternative

Embrace vegetables and use them as a base for sauces. Ignore the curries and other sauces, and stick to shredded lettuce or cabbage, grated raw zucchini, and so on.

3. Make it a wrap

You can roll your sandwich fixings in nori (the sheet seaweed used in sushi), rather than using wraps or tortillas. You can also take avocado and salmon or sliced chicken or tuna salad and shredded lettuce, as they pass for great natural combinations with low carbs.

4. Try flat breads

Not all breads are high in calories. A number of wholegrain flatbreads are low in carbs and rich in fiber, which makes them great for you.

5. Make your own muesli or granola

Instead of getting the already processed ones, it is best that you make them at home. Use rolled oats, chopped nuts and seeds and ground flaxseed. Then serve half a cup’s portion with plain whole milk or Greek yogurt, some berries or a half chopped-up apple.

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6. Add fiber

Fiber-rich foods benefit the body in a lot of ways, and their rich fiber content makes them low in carbs. Sprinkle little portions of barley, bulgur, wheatberries into salads or soups. You should also eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

7. Go for soy

You can also opt for soy by making chili (or other related dishes) with soybeans. Soybeans contain lesser carbs as compared to regular black beans.

These tips will help you to cut carbs from your diet without necessarily giving up on them completely.

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