4 Best Lose Arm Fat Workout for Women at Home

4 Best Lose Arms Workout for Women at Home

It can be really embarrassing to show off flabby arms in a dress. Most ladies prefer toned slim arms, while the men tend to love huge muscles. If you need an exercise routine to help you get slimmer, toned arms, here are some best lose arms fat workout that just don’t reduce fat, but also help to give your desired arms and also boost your confidence.

1. Chair dips

This exercise does not only reduce fats, but also tones your arms and back muscles. All you have to do is:

  • Get a chair or a bed a little higher from the ground, at least 3 feet high and a free space in front of it, to enable effectiveness while you exercise.
  • With your hands width apart, place them on the chair or bed and face forward away from it.
  • Move four steps away from the furniture, with your body still straight.
  • Bend your knees to match the bed or chair you’re using.
  • Bend your elbows as you move your whole body to the ground, pause for about 4 breaths.
  • Then lift yourself back up to the same position.

Doing 3 sets of this every day will help you lose arm fat.

2. Push ups

This exercise is perfect to tone your arms and make your core strong, it strengthens your muscles and helps you balance. You can do another 3 sets of this.

To do a push up, you have to

  • Balance your knees and hands on the floor.
  • Then push yourself off the ground with your knee up.

3. Weight lifting

This exercise reduces and tones arm fat, it is also effective to lose belly fat and strengthen the core.

  • Take 2 liters of a cold bottle of water or if you have dumbbells at home, you can use them too. Hold the weight with both hands and lift it over your head, mind you, your arms should be straight. Lower the weight to your back as low as you can without hurting yourself. Bring back the weight above your head.
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The slower you move your arms, the more it becomes toned. You can do 3 sets of this too.

4. Scissors

This exercise helps you to lose fat faster and it’s really fun to do.

  • Stand straight and lift your arms to your shoulder height. Stretch your arms to your side and bring them to your front. As you overlap, the left will look like a scissors. Then bring them back to yourself and do the overlapping again, but this time with the right. Your leg should be in a scissors shape as you overlap your hand you do the same to the legs.

You don’t need to go to the gym to reduce arm fat, you can simply do it at home or anywhere you find comfortable.

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