6 Disadvantages of Eating Banana You Didn’t Know

There have many misconceptions about the fruit banana. Going for a banana diet, along with exercise will do a lot more than good and makes dieting easy and less complicated. Bananas have the lot of nutritional value and has high sugar contents and it is advised to be eaten in the moderation. But as a single meal for a diet journey, it is good. The only disadvantages with this is how much it carries and how long it last, also how healthy it is for the body.

1. Caloric value

The first thing to note about the banana fruit is the amount of calories it has. According to research done in the USDA one large banana has more than 120 calories. However, compared to a bag of chips or cookies it is considerably less. Also, it amounts 3 calorie sized cups of diced watermelon as well as 6 times cup size, calories count of a 3 cup spinach. Since extra calories amount to the extra weight gain, banana added to other meals will causes the weight gain. But when eaten alone as a single meal is good for the weight loss process.

2. Shelf stability

Banana compared to the other fruits and vegetables has poor shelf stability. Firm bananas, when you first buy them that is, they are green and yellow can last for some days longer. Bananas when put in the fridge can last up 3 to 5 days compared to the other fruits like oranges or apples that can last as long as the half month or more. Using this for a diet, one should only buy the banana they will eat with in a 3 days.

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3. Glycemic index

There is the issue of the sugar content, as bananas have the high sugar content giving them the reputation of being bad as they added to the weight gain. Given the fact that they are higher in the sugar content than most other fruits and then to cause the spikes in the blood sugar and in the insulin levels. However, the sugar contents in the bananas are not as high as the unhealthy amount in the other baked foods, or the sugary meals or drinks.

4. Considerations

If you are not taking a banana only diet and you’re adding it to the other fruits. You should then see it as major plus as it has the high potassium nutrients and the high fiber qualities along with the other whole food choices. Bananas make weight loss process easier as you tend to eat less than you would, drink healthy and enjoy all the sugar contents you would have missed out upon from other foods. With the help of a nutritionist you can balance the intake of banana with other meals.

5. May Cause Constipation

For some people the banana causes the constipation when mixed with other foods. Eat banana only, when you drink a lot of water as well as exercise to help bowel movements.

6. Can cause cavities

This is due to the fructose in banana, therefore leaves debris in between the teeth increasing the risk of cavities to occur. It is important that after eating the banana, one should brush their teeth or floss right after the eating.

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