Follow These 5 Sleeping Tips To Wake Up Happy Everyday


We are mostly all plagued with the modern person’s disease, which is insomnia.

It could either show up as a result of a combination of lot of things ranging from lack of exercise, to bad diet, staring at electronic back light screens for long hours, and we have thrown our circadian rhythm clocks completely out of whack.

I have put together a list of some healthy habits to help you hack your health and make you sleep well without putting so much effort into it. Make these simple tweaks to your daily routine with these few ways to sleep better, so you wake up refreshed.

1. Cut back on the caffeine

Caffeine can up your adrenaline levels just as sugar amps up your insulin levels. If you are a heavy coffee drinker you should cut back on that and attempt to not drink any after 5 pm.

2. Cut back on sugary beverages

There is one problem that seems small to people but in actuality is a very big problem we have is the sugar problem. In regards to sleeping better, cutting out on sugar will do wonders for sleeping.

If you consume more than 3 sodas a day, try to cut the amount in half and also stop your consumption after 5 pm. When you have an insulin spike right before bed time, it is counterproductive to getting a good night’s rest.

3. Do morning cardio

You might ask if exercising early in the morning contributes to help with sleeping. You would need to develop a solid morning routine which directly effects your evening rituals. Early morning cardio gives you a reason to get out of bed, and keeps you from hitting snooze button, which will help you to get to bed easier the next night.

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4. Take a melatonin supplement

If your internal clock needs a hard reset, starting with a melatonin supplement could work wonders. Take these supplements an hour before you plan to fall asleep. This will give you time to unwind, get on your PJs and fall asleep before you know it.

5. Have some fruit

A small amount of carbohydrates before bedtime will help your body to produce melatonin. You could take a handful of grapes, any small amount of fresh fruit and an orange to help you to sleep.

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