Healthy and Young Looking Skin Tips

It is very essential to keep the skin looking fresh. Taking adequate care of our skin keeps us looking youthful and prevent early ageing. Environmental pollutants, the sun, injury, bathing, creaming the body and other dermatological care play key roles in maintaining good skin appearance. They are all factors that are capable of influencing our skin either positively or negatively.

1. Skin care

The way you take care of your body determines your skin look and even tells a lot about you. You need to pay close attention to how you wash, shave and moisturize your skin. Protect your skin from the sun, smoke and other harsh weather or conditions. Sun protection is very important as it helps to prevent sunburn. Sun protection also protects the skin from cancer. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation increases the risk of skin cancer. Smoke and alcohol consumption are habitual factors that contribute to ageing.

2. Stay hydrated

You also need to drink a lot of water and eat healthy diets in order to maintain a young and youthful looking skin. Water helps to keep the body hydrated and the skin moisturized. The quality of the food you eat also determines the status of your health and your skin appearance.

You keep your skin youthful when you make it a habit to eat nutritious meals. Balance diet is also an important factor to having a healthy skin and keeping you looking young at all times. Poor quality sleep causes tiredness, induce stress, promotes ageing and causes bags beneath the eyes (eye bags).

In order to keep your skin looking healthy and young, the following are some of what to practice:

 Avoid high intensity sun
 Drink water regularly (take a lot of water)
 Avoid using bleaching creams and other skin products not dermatologically recommended
 Clean the skin regularly by bathing
 Apply moisturizing lotion or creams
 Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables
 Wear protective clothing
 Practice regular skin exfoliation and cleansing routine
 You can use sunscreen to protect from sunburn
 Do not smoke
 Avoid alcohol consumption
 Be careful when shaving hair off the skin
 Get enough, good and quality sleep daily
 Avoid sulfates
 Regularly clean your makeup
 Use appropriate bed sheets and pillow cases
 Avoid sharing clothing and skin equipment
 Relax and indulge your skin with skin therapies such as manicure, massage, pedicure, spas etc.
 It is better to use natural skin products
 Exercise regularly
 Visit dermatologist when needed (when you discover any skin problem)

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Engaging in the above practices are all efficient in preventing skin wrinkling, sunburn, skin pigmentations and general ageing of the skin. They keep you looking youthful and make your skin fresh and fine.

The skin wrinkles with age because collagen which is the protein for maintaining skin strength gets degraded with age. The body’s collagen content becomes decreased as you get older, the reason you need to take conscious measures in ensuring your collagen level is maintained by healthy living.

Elastin which is also a fibrous protein in the body gets reduced with age thus wrinkling the skin. It does this by reducing the elasticity of blood vessels making the blood vessels in the skin to tighten blood, oxygen and other nutrient to the skin becomes diminished and affect the skin cells. This reduces its elasticity, causes wrinkling and accelerates ageing process. Skin wrinkling makes the skin to look tired and old.

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