6 Best Home Remedies For Corns and Calluses Which Actually Work

6 Best Home Remedies For Corns and Calluses Which Actually Work

Corns and calluses occur as a results of a lot of factors: they could hereditary or simply because you wear shoes one size too small. Home remedies for corns and calluses are usually a good bet in most non-severe cases, and here are a few hacks to try:

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar can be used to help treat the feet. The high acidity level in white vinegar helps to soften the skin, and added to that is the anti- fungal and anti- bacterial properties that helps reduce the risk of infection.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural exfoliating agent that is used to help smoothen facial skin and every area of skin. It can also be used to get rid of the dead skin. It protects against infection due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

3. Pumice Stone

The stone is known for helping remove dead skin, and scrubbing frequently will ensure a smooth healthy looking feet.

4. Castor Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

Castor oil and Apple Cider vinegar are two common food items that also have some application for getting rid of corns and callouses. You could apply them on their own or in conjunction with some of the other home remedies on this list.

5. Vitamin E or A Capsule

This capsules have oils that are rich in the properties needed for treating corn and calluses.

6. Onions

Who knew onion has its own magic. Known to aid in hair growth. Pour some white vinegar over a slice of white onion in a glass container. Leave the container in a warm place during the day, then cover the corn with the onion before you go to bed and use a strip of gauze or elastic bandage to hold it in place while you sleep. If the corn is not soft enough to be removed in the morning, repeat the treatment nightly until it softens some more.

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