How to Have Feminine Feet

Most women feet can be a source of concern especially if they have to battle feet odors, muscular looking feet and the likes. But there is hope as this article will show you how to have soft and feminine looking feet. Here is how to go about this:

Feet Natural Scrub Recipe

This scrub will restore your feet to looking healthy and clean. It will close the cracks and removes dead cells to give a fresh clean look. Simply mix 2 tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel, 1/4 cup cornmeal, 1/4 cup course salt, 1/4 cup oatmeal and 1/4 cup unscented body lotion. Wash your feet well and use this scrub on them well from heels to in between toes to soften.

Spa Treatment

Go for spa treatment from a professional. They will pamper and clean your feet so well that you will wonder if those were your feet. Save up and go for this treat. You can ask for tips on how to take care of your feet every now and then.

Give Your Feet Two Minutes A Day

Give your feet 2 minutes each day. This is a moment of rest for your aching feet. Most times our feet look the way they look because there is no time to rest it. You can even extend your time depending on how much free time you have and soak your feet in warm water and essential oils and keep it in, after which you can dry well, moisturize, rub some baby powder on it and wear cotton socks to keep it in.

To stop odorous feet

Odorous feet is a cause for concern for women all over the world. One can’t feel sexy or beautiful with harsh smells emanating from their body. This is as a result of sweat and to control sweat is to make sure that your feet are always dry.

Use antiperspirant on your feet, take off your shoes to dry them in the sun and let your feet breathe. Wear cotton socks instead of polyester or nylon. Wash your feet every time you come home, dry them thoroughly and put some baking powder on your feet. This helps to control bacteria that causes feet to smell.

Try nail art on your toes

To have feminine feet is to pamper and beautify them such as painting them in beautiful bright colors and using lovely nail arts. Find creative fun or cute designs and implement them.

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