How To Keep Up Your Motivation To Lose Weight


Perhaps your lifestyle is too demanding and this is the reason why weight loss has become too difficult for you, or maybe the people you hang around with don’t make it any more easy to lose weight than you would like. While losing weight might be a bit challenging, it doesn’t have to be that difficult of a thing to achieve. Read on to find out more on how to keep up your motivation to lose weight.

1. Write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight

What goals are helping you stay motivated to lose weight? Why do you really want to lose weight? What are your motivations for wanting to improve yourself? Is it because you want to reduce your risk of health problems later in life? Do you want to be able to play with your kids without getting tired? Write down why you want to lose weight and revisit these goals and motivations every week.

2. Set goals beyond the scale

Staying motivated on a diet involves you setting other goals that go beyond: “I want to lose 10 pounds.’’ Set goals to work out 5 times a week, or to eat more fruits and vegetables. Our health goals don’t all need to be based on what we see on the scale!

3. Use your smartphone

Did you know there are so many diet plans and programs available right at your fingertips to help keep you motivated? These apps will help you stay motivated by helping you track your eating habits, exercise habits and much more.

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4. Surround yourself with reminders

Keep your refrigerator stocked with healthy foods. Keep them all around you. For example, to make it easier to consistently make the right choices for your fitness, you could keep a bowl of fruit on your counter, avoid letting your clothes pile up on your workout equipment, and keep your running shoes right at the door.

5. Don’t be a perfectionist

Who says you must be perfect? Sometimes you might end up eating more than you wanted. Maybe you were craving a slice of pie at dinner or a bowl of ice cream. It’s ok. Whatever you choose to indulge in, don’t be too hard on yourself as this can ruin your motivation. Think about what it was that caused you to lose focus, and next time you can fix it!

6. Be Patient

There may be some days when the pounds just won’t come off as fast as you might like, which can hurt your motivation to keep going. On such days, remember to be patient as things are definitely happening in your body that might not show up on a scale, just yet!

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