Making Your Hair Silky and Shiny With Vinegar

About Centuries ago, people come to realize that vinegar has the ability of making the hair look shiny and silky, with just a mixture of vinegar and water, the hair cuticle becomes smooth and cleanses buildup. Making use of white or apple cider vinegar after shampooing your hair is also another excellent way to give a new lease of life its texture.

1. Mix one part vinegar and one part water

Plain vinegar is too robust to apply on the hair, so it’s first of all important to have it diluted with water. One-fourth cup and one-fourth cup of vinegar of water should be enough for a single hair rinse.

Either apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar work well here. Most people go for apple cider vinegar on the body because the smell is less intense.

2. Shampoo your hair as normal

Feel free to wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Use lukewarm or cool water if possible. Using hot water causes hair to look frizzy and dull. Cold water will help your hair chute lie level and add to the smooth, shiny look you’re after.

3. Skip the conditioner

As you’re using a vinegar rinse, so after shampooing ┬áthere is no need to apply the conditioner to your hair, because the rinse will kept your hair smooth and soft.

4. Pour the rinse into your hair

Gradually dispense it over your scalp and try to spread it equally over the top of your head. Use your fingers to massage the rinse into your scalp and even it into your hair from the roots to the tips.

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5. Wait five to ten minutes

This will let the rinse to completely immerse into your hair. Use the time to complete your shower routine.

6. Rinse your hair with cool water

Give it a quick rinse to get rid the extra vinegar from your hair. There’s definitely no need to go overboard, as the smell of the vinegar will vanish once your hair dries.

7. Repeat once or twice a week

You may fall in love with the outcome of your rinse so much you’re willing to do it every time you wash your hair. Nevertheless, vinegar can dry out your hair if you use it too frequently. Use it just once or twice a week to get rid of the buildup in your hair and bring back the shine.

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