How to Not Go Back to the Old Ways After the Master Cleanse

It is one thing to decide to embark on the master cleanse and another to end and go back to eating solid food. The process in which you break your juice fast is highly important and could make or break the progress you’ve being making towards detoxification and weight loss. To do so, you will have to ease back into sold food eating slowly. This article will show you how to do so;

Days One and Two -After Your Cleanse

This is to drink several glasses of freshly made orange juice throughout the day (8oz). This natural vitamin C will help prepare the digestive tract to start receiving solid foods again. Drink slowly and enjoy the juice.  Simply increase the water intake in the juice if you start feeling thirsty.

On the afternoon of day 2, you can make a vegetable soup. The one you make with your hands full of fresh ingredients and not canned products that is full of preservatives.

Days Three and Four

In the morning, have your usual orange drink. During lunch have a favorite fruits of your choice and for dinner a vegetable salad and a fruit would do. Remember that you are easing your way into eating properly, healthily, and in small portions. You also do not want to cause an imbalance in the digestive system when you start eating solids instantly. You are to ease into your eating ways. This is also to train you to eat with caution and be disciplined in your food intake and times.

Day Five

By day 5, you can start eating normal. Don’t rush into the big version breakfast kinds. A glass of apple juice for a change, oats, milk and fruits or cereals is a good start. If you start experiencing gas, hold up the solid and go back to day 1 and 2 meals and slowly ease back. This helps you practice intuitive eating, as you get to pay attention to your body and know the signals.  Dairy products are good probiotics as they help replace the good bacteria that was cleansed during the juice fast. They keep the guts balanced. Eliminate all refined and processed foods. Aim for clean eating. Drink lots of water, fresh juices and smoothies. Limit your dairy and salt intake. Simply look for clean eating. Watch your portion sizes and listen to your body and you will be fine.

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