7 Mistakes You Make Before Sleeping That Ruin Your Skin

7 Mistakes You Make Before Sleeping That Ruin Your Skin

The face is a very important feature of one’s body as it happens to be the first part of the body that is likely to be looked upon when taking a glance at a person. The face tells a lot about a person. The face should be given enough attention and care. You know as a lady, you should wash off all of your make up before bed and if you don’t know or don’t do it right, you could be adding years to your face.

For glowing skin, there are some habits you will have to give up. I’ve listed the top 7 ones you have to give up.

1. Not washing your face

It is important that you wash your face before bed because your face picks up more pollutants and grime than you can even imagine during the day, even if you don’t wear makeup. Your skin regenerates while you sleep, meaning it rubs off dead skin cells and builds new ones. Buildup of pollutants and grime makes it hard for your skin to generate new skin cells.

2. Waiting too long to wash your face

You should definitely make washing your face the first agenda on your list as soon as you get home because you have make up all day on your face and it clogs your pores.

3. Rinsing with hot or cold water

It is advised to use lukewarm water as it is best for your skin even though you might feel more comfortable using hot water on a cold morning or cold water on a hot morning, lukewarm water is your best option. Extremely hot and cold water can inflame your skin and lead to irritation.

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4. Piling on the product

Try keeping your moisturizers simple and not piling so much of them as this can lead to dry skin and skin irritation.

5. Using cotton pillowcases

Silk or satin is the best material for your skin so you might have to get rid of your cotton pillowcases. Materials like cotton are very rough on your skin and while you toss and turn in your sleep, it leads to wrinkles and irritation.

6. Washing your pillowcases with scented detergent

Chemicals and fragrances contained in detergents you use to wash your pillowcases can irritate and inflame your skin while you sleep and sometimes even cause a rash.

7. Only moisturizing your face

A lot of people only pay attention to their faces when moisturizing and forget the skin is an organ as a whole and all part of it has to be given the same amount of care. So when moisturizing, make sure you pay attention to every part of your body to avoid patches.

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