Crunches: a Great Abs Workout In Summer

Summer Abs Workout For Women 1

There are various crunches types, as listed in one of our previous posts titled “Summer Abs Workout for Women”. This article will be taking a detailed look into crunches exercise, its various types and how to perform each. Crunches help you maintain a flat tummy mainly but also keeps your body generally in shape depending on the crunch type.

1. Reverse crunches

In doing this, lie on your exercise mat with your hands placed by your sides. Lift up your hips and lower back, touching your thighs and possibly your knees too, while keeping your hands straight on the floor beside you. You can hold in that position for about 30 seconds before repeating the exercise.

2. Heel to toe crunches

Lie on the floor /exercise mat facing up and straighten out your legs. Ensure your left hand is under your neck and your right arm should be raised up towards the ceiling. Place your left heel on right toe, then lifting shoulders off the floor to contract your lower abdominal muscles. Slowly return to starting position then repeat the exercise for as long as you can.

3. Wall crunches

Lie on the floor/mat with your hands behind your head and keep your legs raised straight against the wall. Then raise up your upper body, squeeze your abs, and hold for as long as you can. Release your abs when tired, relax a bit and repeat the exercise.

4. Cross crunches

Lie on your sport mat supporting your head with your right hand and raise your right knee crossing your left leg on it. Bring you right elbow across your body in contact with the crossed left knee, crunching. Repeat for as long as you can then switch sides while using your left hand to support your head.

5. Criss-cross crunches

In doing this crunch type, stand firmly straight with your hands behind your head or on your neck. Then bend your knees at angle 90º, and lift your thighs up as high as you can, after which you rotate your torso (upper body part) to the right using your right knee to touch your bent left elbow.

Rotate also to the left using your left knee to touch your left elbow. Repeat for as many sets as you can; you can take small breaks in between sets when tired.

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