How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

What is loose skin ?

Loose skin refers to excess skin in a particular area of the body. This is a result of the over-expansion of the skin. Loose skin can be caused by pregnancy, weight loss, aging and genetic disorders. Loose skin could be very discomforting and also unhealthy as it causes rashes and the harboring of germs in folds of loose skin.
Weight loss procedures could take a lot of time and the results could be very exciting, but sometimes losing weight might not make you as happy as you imagined, or make you look as good as you wanted, because of the loose skin on different parts of your body as a result of over expansion of the skin. Here are some effective ways to tighten and avoid loose skin and attain that perfect body figure.

1. Don’t be in haste to lose weight

One of the major causes of loose skin is a rapid reduction in body fat or the body weight. The skin is naturally structured to return to its original size after the stretching. Losing weight little by little gives the skin enough time to fit into the new body size but, when the huge mass of body fat is lost the skin takes a very long time to fit into that new size. In some cases the skin never goes back to its original size.

2. Workout to increase muscle size

To avoid loose skin when there is already saggy skin, it is advised to work out to increase muscle size. The increased muscle size takes the place of the lost body weight or fat thereby occupying muscle space and reducing the risk of loose skin.

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3. Drink a lot of water

Water is said to increase the elastic ability of the skin, and it also helps in weight loss. At least 1 liter of water should be taken each day.

4. Eat foods rich in protein and oils

Foods rich in protein and oils contain nutrients that give the skin its elastic properties.

5. Care for your skin

Maintain a good skin hygiene by regularly washing the skin, to wash of the dead cells and applying good skin lotion, to keep the skin in good condition. Skin tightening lotions can also be applied to help reduce loose skin.

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