3 Surprising Things That Affect Your Weight Besides Food and Exercise

Many of us today are quick to link overweight to excess food and lack of exercise. Apparently, the figure on the weighing scale is equal to the number of calories you have taken, but then, is that true in all cases? Have you ever wondered if there is something more to eating and exercising?

You may be wondering why your friend eats every available edibles and never for once work out, yet is still fit. On the other hand, you have probably resolved to eating few meals, and have even signed up at a gym, yet your body won’t yield. At this point, you will probably be frustrated, wondering where exactly the problem lies.

Below are 3 surprising things that affect your weight that you probably have never given a thought.

1. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are quite common today, but hardly does anyone ever thinks of them linking to weight loss. The more antibiotics you take, the greater is the risk of becoming obese, and this especially applies to children. This is because, when taken, it kills the healthy gut bacteria which is supposed to prevent weight gain. So, there is a gradual risk of obesity if antibiotics is taken in excess.

2. It is generational

The cause of your weight gain may be from your generation, it doesn’t matter if your immediate parents were never obese, as it could arise from the difference in the generation that you are born into. So, you may try really hard to lose weight and it seems futile.

3. Water retention

The body can retent water for many different reasons, but a very common reason is due to lack of adequate water in the system, which will cause the body to keep as much water as it can. This eventually causes edema (swelling), which may increase the risk of a person being obese.

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The conclusion of the whole matter is that you can still shed off fats, no matter what reason it is. All you need to do is follow the right mechanism, but it is always best to know what exactly is causing your weight gain, so as to know which angle to start dealing from.

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