3 Ways to Control Your Carvings


More cravings can actually boost up your weight gain, some people might ask why? Well, the more you crave for a particular food which you are addicted to, then the more you get more closer and inseparable from it. Assuming you always take in fat and starchy food, then more craving wouldn’t do you any good than to keep increasing you weight. Although it’s very difficult to control one’s craving for food but in the case of weight loss, it is compulsory for these individuals to partake in it and also learn the how they can be able to stay out of it. So you can loose weight by overcoming your cravings. How? By actually following these steps below.

1. Stay out of Temptations

It is quite normal for a human being to crave, you crave for what you eat. For instance, you switch from what you eat to a whole different thing, it is possible that you can weaken your old cravings and strengthen new ones.  Lets assume you are on a mission to lose weight, and you needed a different food varieties like fruits and veggies. For the first week, it will seem difficult because you can’t actually get away with your cravings for the previous foods which you have been addicted to. But with time you seem to catch up and eventually adopt to the system.

2. Do Something Crazy & Let it Go

I mean, when you start craving, go nuts! Drink two glasses of water and eat an ounce of nuts (peanuts) and after 20 minutes, you will notice that your cravings are gone and this can helping the process of weight loss. Sometimes you realize that stress is also one of the huge trigger cravings, but learning to overcome it will actually help you burn hundreds of calories a day

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3. Take a Nap to Distract Yourself

It seems like cravings starts to manifest when you get so tired, but all you need to do in order to overcome is to take some nap and everything will be fine.

You can distract yourself when you get hyper craving by engaging in some other activities till it stops. As mentioned above, cravings typically last ten minutes. However you can divert your attention to something else like listening to music, call someone, run an errand etc. so basically,  this is just what you need to do if you are looking forward to losing weight. Good luck with it.


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