4 Important Reasons Why You Really Need Your Sleep


Sleep has to do with the relaxation of all voluntary actions in the body; inhibiting sensory activities and interactions with the surroundings. This allow most major systems in the body to rest and recover, and it is important that humans have long hours of sleep at nights for better health.

Unfortunately, sleep is most times cheated on, and most people have far less than the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep daily, usually due to having to leave the house very early for work, staying late at work, and getting stuck in traffic.Whatever the case, you should make sure you get the right amount of sleep because it is essential for your health and productivity. Here’s how:

1. Improved Memory

Sleep strengthens memories or whatever you have learnt while you were awake. While you sleep, the brain finds enough time to process and store all you have learnt while you are awake, and this will enable you to commit more things to memory and learn new things with ease.

2. Better Decision Making

Sleep deficiency has been identified as one major possible cause of poor decision making. Want to make better decisions? Allow your brain to go through the processes of creating new pathways while you get some shuteye. Also, when you are better rested, you will be more alert, and better able to concentrate.

3. Build Muscles Easily

If you have always wanted to build muscles, here is one thing you should do: sleep! Growth hormone is released in the body when we are deep in sleep, and this works on muscles and make them stronger.

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4. Boosts Your Immune System

You are less prone to some infections if you sleep healthily. This is because the immune system becomes more active as a result of constant sleep, and this would make it easier for it to ward off pathogens that might come into the body.

A good nights sleep is beneficial for you and you health. These four benefits should be enough reason to convince you to sleep longer at night, and do so consistently.

image couresy: Health.com, huffingtonpost.ca.

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