5 Amazingly Healthy Foods Your Grand Parents Ate & Why


The world our grandparents lived in was quite different from the world we live in today. In those days, the foods were in season, foods were locally produce or from their backyards. There was nothing like processed foods as everything was always fresh, organic, rich and healthy. Most of their foods were homemade, unlike the present generation with so many fast foods joints just after every 2 blocks.

This present generation has gone into fast and easy foods, which has affected us negatively, as they don’t serve to help the body grow and develop properly but to satisfy hunger craving quickly or immediately. The many side effects of the foods we have today have made us ineffective to look or function in the way we ought to, and that is why this article is here to show you the important of eating the way our grandparent ate and why they still look as young and strong as it was in their prime.

The Foods in the Season

Our grandparents ate foods that were in season, that is; food that was available at that time of the year. There was no other choice for anything else, plus eating a particular kind of food consistently ensured that there was no distraction from eating something else that will cause an imbalance between the food of the season and any other kind.

This seasonal foods gave the body all the nutrients it needed in that time without any intruder to hinder the positive effect of the food. There were foods to eat in summer, or winter that was appropriate for the body at that time.

The Foods Made From Base Level

There was nothing like processed foods at that time, so most foods were prepared from grass root level. It encouraged homemade meals that will require all the healthy needed ingredients in a dish. Restaurant was a once in a while affair not a must go unlike our present generation.

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The Foods Were Organic

Basically, nature provided foods were the order of the day. There was nothing like preservatives, GMO certified foods, food additives etc. they didn’t need to read of labels to look for the food types they desired, there was nothing like supermarkets in the first place except grocery stores that sold healthy organic meals.

The Bone Broth & Offal Dishes

Dishes like bone broth was found regularly in the kitchen of our grandparents, added to that were vegetables broth. Our grandparents knew this dishes contained all the necessary nutrients the body needed and they made used of it. Offal dishes were another valued commodity in that time. These are the parts our generation call “unwanted” unlike our grandparents that used every part of the animal, as they contained the valued nutrients for the good effect on their health.

The Method of Fermented & Cultured Foods

Home culturing and fermented foods, smoking or canning were some of the methods used to preserve foods to ensure foods didn’t go to waste. Methods like fermenting and home culturing helped provided healthy probiotics to ensure the stomach and all that is within strong. These methods also had wonderful flavors. Homemade yogurt or cultured butter were some of the things they made. These foods were good for the body, it was their way of life, unlike today’s yogurt with so much sugar, preservatives additives, etc.

It is important to read and reach more about these kind of food methods, learn how to prepare them and start leaving a healthier life.

image couresy: theodysseyonline.com, pinterest.com.

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